Tuesday, June 8, 2010

FIRST ON MYCHOS: Sharon Cuneta & Gabby Concepcion - Meet Again!!!

Earlier I was fortunate enough to receive pictures of Sharon and Gabby meeting before the taping of the (SHARON) episode where he will be present together with their daughter KC...

Here are the hottest pictures, fresh from their taping:
[SPOTTED: Sharon and Gabby together on stage!!! Who would've thought this would happen??? :) ]

I wasn't a big Sharon-Gabby fan back in the day kasi medyo bata pa ko nung namamayagpag ang kanilang love team, pero somehow I feel kilig when I see them together. I quietly hope that they do a movie together cause I know that up until now, despite everything that happened, they still have a huge following.

This I can say is a monumental event. I am confident in saying that this, by far (in my opinion) would be the best SHARON episode you'll ever see... Can't wait to watch it on TV.

Okay, it's time to work!!! Expect more exclusive pictures to come :)

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